Full Resolution Photos

beijing01 689 Kb

beijing02 1222 Kb

beijing03 1184 Kb

boston01 719 Kb

brisbane05 460 Kb

grandcanyon02 789 Kb

grandcanyon03 816 Kb

grandcanyon04 1285 Kb

melbourne04 840 Kb

melbourne05 803 Kb

melbourne13 1376 Kb

nsw03 589 Kb

nsw04 963 Kb

perisher02 880 Kb

sanfrancisco01 1278 Kb

sanfrancisco07 1177 Kb

shanghai01 806 Kb

shanghai02 1214 Kb

shanghai09 813 Kb

sydney01 714 Kb

sydney04 798 Kb

sydney05 752 Kb

sydney06 690 Kb

sydney09 341 Kb

sydney12 881 Kb

wellington02 724 Kb


These are the raw photos strait from the camera. They are a selected handful from the photos available on my homepage - which were reduced to (usually) half resolution to take less space.

Encoded in each JPEG is information from the camera. In summary, most are from a Kodak DX4330 or a Sony DSC-W1, both ordinary digital cameras of 3 to 5 Megapixels. The wider photos (eg, 2160x1440) are from the Kodak, and the screen aspect photos (eg, 2048x1536) are from the Sony.

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