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USENIX LISA2021 Computing Performance: On the Horizon

05 Jul 2021

It's an exciting time for developments in computer performance, not just for the BPF technology (which I often write about) but also for processors with 3D stacking and cloud vendor CPUs (e.g., AWS Graviton2); for memory with the arrival of DDR5 and High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) on-processor; for storage including new uses for 3D Xpoint as a 3D NAND accelerator; for networking with the rise of QUIC and eXpress Data Path (XDP); and so on. I summarized these topics and more as a plenary conference talk, including my own predictions (as a senior performance engineer) for the future of computing performance, with a focus on back-end servers.

The video is on youtube:

The slides are here or as a PDF:

/ permalink/zoom

I work on many areas of performance, but recently I've had a lot of demand to talk about BPF. This was a chance to talk about other things I've been working on, such as the present and future of hardware performance. I also wrote about these topics in detail for my recent Systems Performance 2nd Edition book.

Note that my predictions in this talk may be wrong, but they should be thought-provoking. I hope you enjoy it!


I've reproduced the talk references below, so you can click on links:

I've taken care to cite the author names along with the talk title and date, including for Internet sources, instead of the common practice of just listing URLs. I followed that practice when writing some earlier books, and it has since struck me as unfair that some references had author names and some didn't. Nowadays I always include full names when known.

In case you are interested, at the same conference I also gave a talk on BPF Internals.

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